Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end of Team North Dakota

Congressional delegations that work as closely together, and for so long as North Dakota's for the last 18 years, are rare.  The NY Times posts an article...

Itinerary Set

Itinerary for Austria and Germany has been set:

Jan. 11 - 15: Arrive Wien (Vienna)
Jan. 15 - 16: Salzburg
Jan. 17 - 18: Munchen (Munich)
Jan. 19: Wurzburg, Heidelberg
Jan. 20: Heidelberg
Jan. 21: Bacharach
Jan. 22: Koln (Cologne)
Jan. 23 - 24: Amsterdam
Jan. 25 - 26: Hamburg
Jan. 27 - 31: Berlin, Potsdam

That's about all I know.  I have plenty of things I'm thinking of doing, and a number I probably will do, but more about those when they happen.

I do tend to veer off "plans" fairly regularly, and am always open to suggestions...

The greatest eyeglasses ever

Will technology phase out optometrists too?  See the presentation.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hello World

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 GOTO 10


I thought I'd set this up for my upcoming trip to Austria and Germany (next month), since the travel blog from my 2006 trip to Europe seemed to go over pretty well.  Check back here to see where I've found Waldo.