Sunday, March 16, 2014

My first film

Hi all,

So, I’m producing an independent film – feature length, no less.  Who would've thought?  Anyway, I've learned that one of the producer’s jobs is to make sure their film actually gets made.

In reality, “producer” overstates my importance, but I am helping the writer and director, my friend Nathan Williams, however I can. That typically means securing permission to shoot in various locations, researching ways to make the production go more smoothly, or giving a different perspective on the many decisions that need to be made.

The main point to make is that Nathan has a script and plan for what could be a great film, and those of us associated with it need to make sure it gets made. We’ve already raised over $40,000, but we aren’t there yet.   We’re doing a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark, which is a bit like Kickstarter, except it focuses on films.  You should check out the page here, which tells you what it’s about (an entertaining, provocative thriller shot in real time, meaning that during the roughly 90 minutes you spend watching the film, 90 minutes pass for the characters too):

You can also see an interview I did with Nathan at the link below, where we talk a bit about how he approaches making movies, and some nonsense from me.  If nothing else, it is proof that I am correctly advertising my role here, and that I might want to make an effort to dress up a bit next time I’m on camera.

What can you do?

There are a bunch of things that you can do that would be very helpful for us, the underdog independent filmmaking types:

  1. Watch the short video that tells you about the film at the top of this page:

  2. Go to the Seed & Spark page and click on “Follow” to get updates on the film

  3. Go to the Facebook page below and click on “Like”

  4. Forward this e-mail or one or more of the links to your friends, family, or enemies, or post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  5. Donate on the Seed & Spark page. Even small donations help.

You can also see some of Nathan’s earlier short films here.

Thanks to everyone just for looking, and to those of you who have already donated and posted some of this stuff, my eternal gratitude.


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