Monday, February 21, 2011

Stranded Again

I have taken 3 trips back to Fargo this winter, and on all 6 legs of those flights I have been delayed by weather.  Yesterday was just the longest.

I learned Saturday night that my 5:00 pm Sunday flight back to D.C. was cancelled.  Talking to the booking agent, he said I should be safe going with a Sunday morning flight, since the snow wasn't expected to be a problem until the afternoon.  So, I switched to a 7:55 am flight from Fargo that would go through Boston.

When I got there the next morning, the flight to Boston had also been cancelled, and there were no seats on Monday flights either.  I am now on the 5:00 am flight from Fargo on Tuesday, and am told I got the last seat on that flight.  Yikes.

The rather large upside was I got to go to the planetarium yesterday with Christian as planned.  Kind of a silly show about why Pluto isn't a planet, followed by looking at the winter night sky, which he loved.

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