Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Mouth is a Hive of Scum and Villainy

So, I guess I haven't posted anything since I went up to Fargo a couple weeks ago.  Christian and I had a lot of fun, including going to the planetarium to see why Pluto isn't a planet anymore.  Note: He isn't all that broken up about it.

One thing I've found since last time is that my teeth and gums do not like me.  You may recall that I had some problems while in Austria.  I got in to have it looked at more thoroughly when I got back to DC, and although it turned out I didn't need a root canal, I did need to go in to see the dentist four more times.  See, I need an onlay (for when a cavity is just too big for a filling), and...a gum cleaning.

The onlay is being made by the boys down at the lab right now.  The gum cleaning is because, well I guess because I don't floss or something.  Yeah I know, I got a water pik last week, ok?  Anyway, this procedure entails giving me 10-12 novocaine shots on one side of my mouth and going in under my gums to break up lodged particles with an ultrasonic device that makes it feel like someone is screaming in your ear.  I'm telling you, it's worse than listening to Minnie Riperton.

When I found out about all this work I was worried about how much it was going to set me back without insurance.  I had never even heard of dental discount plans.  Shockingly enough, they're a good deal.  Essentially I pay $13 a month to save my dentist a lot of paperwork, and he gives me a 20 - 80 percent discount, and I'm immediately eligible.  In the end, these procedures will probably end up costing about $1300.  Whee!

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  1. Dental discount plan sounds better than insurance. Maybe the two companies should work together. Although that might reveal what little dental insurance covers. Like the title of the post, any chance the Dr's name is Obi-wan?