Thursday, January 13, 2011

Falling Apart at the Mouth

Anybody else out there ever chip part of his tooth while eating soft bread?  Anybody?  Am I the first?

Yeah, so, this morning I got a soft roll, some cheese, and a banana from a local market for a quick brunch, and on my seventhish bite, I asked myself, "self, what the heck did they put in this roll?"  It was like a rock.  Turns out, it was a piece of my tooth.

Actually, I found out later that it was a piece of a filling I had in there some time ago.  Turns out the tooth is decaying from below, and the filling is coming out as a result.  Pretty soon I'll be a Looney Tunes character who just took a bomb to the face and has that one tooth left hanging that plays like a piano key.

So...I didn't know all that when it happened, and there wasn't any pain (Ich habe keine Schmerzen), but against my ADHD tendencies, decided I'd better get it checked out.  I got a recommendation for a place that fit me in at 4:30, went in and got 2 x-rays and the filling done in under an hour, and for that same-day visit they charged me 144 Euros.  Not bad.  I had to pay cash, though, and see about getting reimbursed when I get home...

I should point out that this dentist does not use Novacaine.  I didn't catch the full name, but it has a bit more of a kick than I'm used to.  It didn't just numb my mouth, it numbed the left side of my nose.  I know what you're saying, you don't really move your nose, but when it's numb, you also can't feel yourself breathing through it, so it feels like you can't even though you're doing just fine.  A weird sensation.

Problem is, the filling I got today was stopgap.  The doc says I probably need a root canal and two other cavities filled when I get home, and she wouldn't be able to get that done before I leave.  So now I just hope the thing holds until February, I guess.

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