Monday, January 17, 2011

Adventures in Food

I would guess that some of you don't care one bit what I ate for dinner on a given day, but a few of you do, and I'm really interested in food, so you can decide whether to keep reading on that basis.

First, I actually took some photos of some of my food, but the computers at this hostel, in addition to being as sluggish as the DMV with tryptophan in the ventilation system, are locked up tight, and won't allow me to even access the Windows calculator, much less get photos off my camera.

The currywurst finally sees the light of day.
For lunch today I went to Munich's Viktualmarkt, purportedly one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.  It sure seemed to be popular.  I decided on a busy sausage stand (surprise) to try something I've been meaning to, the currywurst.

This is a hot item in Germany, a sausage covered with ketchup and curry powder.  It was quite good, but the fries were stunning, like the ones I had in Belgium in 2006...light, crispy outside, hot...  Then, got some fresh juice from a different stand that for some reason had a TV crew there filming them serving.

My Lonely Planet guide tells me that there is an actually decent Tex-Mex place in town.  I'm doubtful, but like to see how Europeans do food from the Americas, like Mexican or BBQ.  I have to say, the chips and black beans were actually very good.  Rice, not so much.  The salsa was odd, pretty mild and more the consistency of pizza sauce, but not bad.  The waitress brought me "habanero" sauce when I asked for it scharfer.

One I forgot to mention was dinner Friday in Vienna, btw.  I sought out an Italian place that was supposed to be good, and had the special of the day, a ravioli in tomato pesto.  Excellent.  The waiters couldn't tell me too much about what was in it.

Ok, will try to upload more photos later after I leave Munich.  As it is, my time on this machine is running out.


  1. Please rate the importance of these items on your trip: (1) food (2) military history (3) the funky people you meet

  2. Good question, but it's hard to answer since some places just don't have one or more of those things. I'd put people at the top of the list if I'm meeting really interesting ones, but this is really hit or miss. Taking that into account, I'd probably go with history (in general), food, people.