Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to Reality

Now we're into the kind of weather one would expect here, probably in the 20s and 30s.  I've also been sick the last couple of days, a bit of a fever with some coughing.  If those Muscovites gave me pneumonia, the Cold War is back on.

I am in Heidelberg, laying relatively low and getting sleep.  Here's a graphical depiction of me last night versus this morning:

Last Night
This Morning

So, I walked downtown, but that took it out of me.  And, although the Internet connection at Steffi's Hostel is much better than the last one, I still can't get photos for ya'.

So, I'll do some posting tonight before needing to go to bed, and hope to say more from Bacharach tomorrow.

(Photos from  I hope it's ok to use them.)


  1. But don't you look like that most nights/mornings?

  2. Yes, but not quite so exaggerately so.