Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Potpourri, Part 2

A few others:

The one to the right is my favorite, a note appearing next to a pair of pants in the "rock museum" at the top of the tower in the Munich Olympic Park.  It reads:  "This letter is to go together with the Freddie Mercury stage trousers enclosed.  Obtained during my position as stage manager with Queen on there [sic] European ...1978, these trousers were worn by Freddie Mercury during the early part of the tour but were substituted for the later dates due to the excess sweating they caused Freddie."

I also thought I should note (left) that for some reason it's T.K. Maxx in Germany.

Finally, below was in the window of a busy shopping arcade, I believe in either Heidelberg or Nurnberg.

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  1. Man. I knew I should have given you my bong for the trip. Now it won't get pimped.