Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Third Man

If any of you have seen the great Orson Welles-Joseph Cotton film "The Third Man," you know that it was filmed in and takes place in post-WWII Vienna.  It's probably the quintessential Vienna movie, in fact.  People here recognize that, and 3 times a week at the Burg Kino, they show it.

Well, right after Little Fockers they show it.  Anyway, I saw it yesterday afternoon and, for those of you who do know the film, I wanted to post a few photos of some of the locations from it.  For those of you who haven't, put it on your Netflix list.  It's a classic, and Welles is so much fun to watch even in such a dark role.

Just a couple sites from walking around town:

The wheel where Holly Martin (Cotton) and Harry Lime (Welles) have a meeting that turns a bit ominous.

The spot in the film where Martin first sees Lime in a darkened doorway (doorway is on the far right).  It's an iconic scene in film history.

The very doorway today
More later about yesterday, but right now I need to get moving to catch my train to Salzburg.

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