Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Amsterdam Arcade

So I'm in Amsterdam yesterday, just wandering around to see what's to see, and I see a Commodore 64 in a display window outside a bank.  Next to an Atari 2600.

Only it wasn't a bank at all.  This little museum had taken over a former bank, and does strange little exhibitions, and this one happened to be called "Arcade."  What this effectively meant for me was for a 5-euro admission fee, I could play all the old video games I wanted.

There were stand-up games: Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, Metal Slug, Vanguard, and one machine with about 100 to choose from...Zaxxon, Xevious (my old favorite), Mr. Do, Dig Dug, 1942, Donkey Kong (various flavors)...  I don't think anyone will beat my high scores on Time Pilot.

Evidence of the Master's Time Pilot Work
They also had a series of classic home systems set up...a 2600 with Space Invaders, a 2600 Jr. with, inexplicably, E.T., a Coleco, an Amiga, and even a Vectrex, which I've long wanted to see up close.

So, I played too many old games, and I was most pleased.

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