Monday, January 24, 2011

Deutsches Museum

(Another post from last week finally published with photos):

The Deutsches Museum in Munich is a techie's dream.  Six floors of historical machines and gadgets tell you the story of everything from engine development to glass and ceramic-making to astronomical and measuring equipment through the ages.

The ones that stare you in the face when you enter, though, are the giants, the ships and airplanes on display.  Since this is a German museum, I was happy to find a number of fighting aircraft there, including some of the more ground-breaking and experimental ones.

The first below is a V-1, one of the unmanned bombs Hitler aimed at England in 1944-5 in a desperate attempt to change the dynamics of the war.  They obviously didn't achieve the desired effect, but they made a psychological impact.

Even more of interest to a WWII geek like me is the Messerschmidt 262, the first jet fighter.  These were a big leap forward in technology, but were never produced in quantities large enough to make a significant difference in the war.

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