Friday, January 21, 2011

Dealing With the Socialist Medical Bureaucracy

It was very simple and quite inexpensive, actually.
For someone without any insurance that was viable in Europe, my case would seem to be most likely to be a problem.  But, given that my cold had not gone away and I had a nagging worry that I could have pneumonia, I figured I'd best get it checked out.

The lady at the tourist information counter called around to find a place nearby for me, and they said they would see me in 15 minutes.  I waited 5 more, after which the doctor checked me out to ensure I do not have pneumonia (yet another sinus cold, apparently), gave me a prescription for various symptoms and a backup one for antibiotics should they be necessary, and charged me 24 euros for the whole thing.  Two prescriptions cost another 11 euros, and I was on my way.

Feeling much better now, as having climbed up to the castle at which I'm staying today would attest.

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