Friday, January 28, 2011

My Engine Room is Taking on Water

I underestimated this little knee issue from last night, where I slammed it against the escalator.  I woke up this morning and that thing was hurting like a mother.  Couldn't really walk, and felt like I would need to go to the doctor yet again.  I'm taking so much punishment on this trip I feel like the Bismarck.

Warning: next paragraph is a little squeam-inducing.

Once I finally examine the wound...well, you know on an escalator step edge it basically has teeth?  Well, there's an escalator-tooth-shaped hole in my knee, and a smaller one to its right.  I took a couple alcohol pads to it and put on a band aid, and it was beyond stiff this morning.

I had to wait around the hostel until about 2:00 to see the doctor, and when I got up to head over there, it was still painful, but I could get around, so I skipped the appointment and headed downtown.  It feels like bone bruises I've had before, and I'm perambulating a bit slowly, but am hoping to be more or less back up to speed for my last 2 days in Berlin.

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